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We’re Gab and Dan, the voice behind Restless Pair. Thanks for checking out our travel blog!

Originally from Cambridge (UK) we’ve upped sticks, quit adult life and taken an extended break to travel as much as possible. Over the last two years, we’ve visited eight countries with another seven booked for 2019.

Through this blog, we hope to share our experiences and inspire other people to pack their bags and grab their passports. We’re also huge house sitting advocates and it’s a great way to backpack on a budget. We saved over £5000 during our year in Australia and had heaps of fun doing it.

For nine months we owned a dandy little camper called Stripe which we used to road-trip around Australia. We learnt a heck load on van life and our verdict is it’s awesome. Go buy/rent/convert a camper! You can read all about our tips to surviving in a campervan here.

A little bit more about us…

Dan is a money-saving guru. Seriously, I’ve never known a guy love Excel spreadsheets like Dan. He’s been the real mastermind to our budget backpacking. Always up for trying new food (then tricking me into it) and occasionally has crazy ideas like climbing active volcanoes. I (Gab) love exploring new cultures, anything with noodles and would rather be underwater than on land. I also read heaps and enjoy a decent book swap.

Together we’ve written posts, guides and reviews to help inspire your next adventure. We love feedback, please drop us a line!

Our latest venture has seen us open an online eco-shop. We’d love it if you could check it out!

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