Bumbling around the markets – Fremantle, WA

We had a free afternoon, so we hopped on the train from Perth city centre down to Fremantle. On first impressions, it seemed to be a mix of old UK seaside towns and London’s Camden Town.

We headed straight for the renowned markets, all under one roof you can buy everything – I mean everything. We were offered boomerangs, iron-on patches, a photograph of your inner-eyeball (seriously), a kilo of persimmons, vintage jeans… you get the picture. 

We had one of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten from a stall called Get Chunky, can’t recommend enough. They’re worth every calorie.

After eating our body-weight in chunky choc-chips we took a walk to the harbour and along the waterfront. It’s a really nice place to rent a bike, have a ride, get some fish and chips. There’s also some really cute bars and brunch spots.

There are also some really interesting history spots in Fremantle, we missed out on the main prison tour, but we took a walk along the front to see the original roundhouse. Built-in 1830 it’s the oldest standing building in WA. It’s also the perfect spot to see an awesome art installation by Swiss artist, Felice Varini – ‘Arcs D’ellipes’. It spans over 800m and was supposed to end last November. Go check it out while you can!

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  1. Mick Hayes
    June 13, 2018 / 12:40 am

    Wow! That sky looks blue😎😎

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