Melbourne Day trips – Mornington Peninsula

A region famous for its wineries but offering so much more. We took a few day trips to the Mornington Peninsula with friends, family and just ourselves. Here you can find great beaches, fruit picking farms, cable car rides, rural markets and of course, wineries.

A berry good time

Taking anywhere between an hour to two hours (Melbourne traffic) you can reach Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm out past Red Hill. Once you’re out of the city, you can start to take in the scenery of the Peninsula whilst driving through the winding roads. If cherry picking is more your style there are lots of choices along the way but we had to carry on to get our fix of strawberries.

It was $10pp to pick and fill 500g boxes with strawberries. While this is a little steep compared to your local Woolies, the novelty didn’t wear off and you can always make sure you get your fill (nudge, nudge) if you know what we mean…

Eagle eye

Just up the road from Sunny Ridge farm is Arthur’s Seat which is a really nice area with great walks, picnic spots and amazing views over Port Philip Bay to Melbourne. There is also a cable car here called Arthur’s Seat Eagle. Whilst the views from the look outs and restaurants up here are good, the view from the cable car has the edge. Somewhat annoyingly, the bottom station of the cable car isn’t where you’d expect it to be and is still a 30 minute walk to the beach. So it’s probably worth starting at the beach then parking at the bottom of the cable cars, pop up to the top for a nice walk and check out the views and grab some lunch, then head back down.

Speaking of beaches…

The whole coastline around Mornington Pen is pretty spectacular (or ‘speccy’ in Aus terms). Our favourite spot was Dromana beach and a 30 min walk from the Eagle cable cars. We had an incredible lunch at Zero95 Pizza Bar, which claims to have the world’s best pizza (2016).

Then take a stroll down the pier with an ice cream from their selection and try and spot a sting ray, or go jump off the end into the crystal waters. Some other popular spots for beach bumming are, just up the road from where we were, Safety Beach and Rosebud beach.

Taste testing? Wine not!

We were taken on a wine tasting tour by a lovely couple who we house sat for (another great bonus of house sitting, you meet awesome people – want to know more? Read here!). We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, luckily Troy and Jacob took us under their winey wings and showed us the ropes.

You seriously don’t need to know what you’re doing. If you can’t taste pine-nuts, bacon fat or a hint of gooseberry, that’s a-ok. We had a great time and you get to taste some incredible wines. We especially enjoyed our time at Moorooduc Estate, the staff were super friendly and helpful. Plus they have a resident peacock called Reggie.

Mornington Peninsula has wineries coming out of the Ying-Yang and you can find your perfect one here. We also recommend Red Hill Estate and Pt. Leo Estate. You can thank us when you’re sloshed and enjoying the beautiful views.

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  1. Pat
    February 24, 2019 / 5:20 pm

    Very good. Really interesting xxx

  2. February 13, 2019 / 11:01 pm

    From your photos it looks like they take their wine tasting seriously down under. Keep up your interesting posts – greatly appreciated.

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