Quokka selfies on Rottnest Island, WA

Rottnest (originally named as Rats’ Nest Island) is home to one of the most adorable marsupials known to man. The quokka.

Mistaken as a ‘rat the size of a cat’ by a Dutch captain, the quokka helped name the island back in 1696.

There are daily ferries over to the island and while the water was quite choppy it only took about half an hour. We booked our ferry across with Rottnest Express.

Every year tourists in their thousands flock to the island to get the perfect #quokkaselfie – did we pay more than our scheduled budget to go and get one? Yes we did…

Worth it. These little guys are super cute but their happy smile can be a bit deceiving. They do have some mean claws on them and can bite if provoked. They do a lot on the island to dissuade the tourist population from feeding and touching the quokkas, but saying that they still pottered up to us for a photo.

They’re mainly in the settlement areas (anywhere with food) but you can see a couple of them hopping around the south points of the island.

No one knows why they have such a happy, smiling face. Those who have studied the quokka have put it down to evolution. Whatever the reason, they’re probably the cutest thing you’ll see in WA!

Quokkas aside, Rottnest is well known for it’s cycling routes and snorkelling points round the island. Unfortunately, going in winter meant we gave the snorkelling a miss but the bays and walking trails still provide some amazing scenery.

If you catch the hop-on hop-off bus tour, the guides give you loads of interesting information about the island and the different stops.

We also got to see New Zealand fur seals, sunbathing out on a little island off the West End point.

Would have loved to have done Rottnest in the summer so we could have done some snorkelling but we had a lush day with the quokkas.


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