Whale watching in Augusta, WA

In June 2018, we had the incredible opportunity to go humpback whale spotting down on the south-western coast, in Augusta.

At this time of year the whales are migrating from the south of Australia, up the coast to the north, where they head for calving season.

We were really lucky and managed to see quite a few humpbacks which swam right up to and under the boat we were on.

As we drove into the car park we could see a few splashes out to sea which got us excited for the two hour expedition ahead.

It only took around 10 minutes before we caught a glimpse of our first humpbacks.

The size of the whales is kind of incomprehensible until they’re in front of you. Every time they would duck under the boat it rocked enough to knock you over!

We had a really helpful crew, who told us loads about the migration and their behavioural patterns.

We were taught how to spot where the whales were heading by following their ‘footprints’.

Giant spaces of disturbed water which could help pinpoint where they would next surface.

We were also lucky enough to see multiple tail dives as they headed back into deeper water.

While it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see a whale breach and jump out of the water, we managed to see two separate jumps. It all happens so quick and as it was quite far away we didn’t manage to capture it on camera but it’s an amazing sight.

Worth every penny to be in the presence of these huge, awesome animals. Would recommend to anyone visiting WA!

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